Family, Divorce & Child Law

Family Law and Divorce is another area in which Frazer Coogans Solicitors possess particular expertise, advising on the legal, financial and child related issues associated with divorce, providing negotiation for amicable settlement and undertaking litigation where needed. Experienced Solicitor, Lauren Fowler holds Law Society of Scotland Accreditations in Child Law and is a Family Law Specialist. Lauren is appointed as a Curator and Reporting Officer in respect of Adoption, Permanence Orders and Child Welfare Reports. Lauren Fowler is one of the most highly respected Child Law solicitors in Ayrshire. Lauren has a specialised knowledge of Children’s hearings and an in depth knowledge of Scottish Reporters Administration.

Legal advice is essential for individuals going through separation and divorce. Frazer Coogans provide advice on legal, financial and child related issues following upon separation and divorce. There can be many complications attached to couples separating such as finance, the family home and contact with children. We offer a sympathetic service and endeavour to lessen the scope of conflict with your ex–partner whilst ensuring that you get the settlement to which you are entitled.

Legal Aid

We undertake legal aid work and are registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board to provide criminal and civil legal assistance. Legal aid is available to people who would not normally be able to afford to pay for legal advice or representation in Family Law, Child Law and Criminal Law.

Civil legal assistance may be free, however, in certain circumstances an applicant may be required to pay a contribution towards the cost of their case. All applicants for legal assistance are assessed by The Scottish Legal Aid Board in the same way.

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