Wills and Executries

Wills, Executries & Trusts

Wills and trusts are often forgotten or ignored because people don’t want to think about it. However, making a Will to ensure that your wishes are followed after your death is easy and inexpensive. It can also makes matters less stressful for the family of the deceased when they have clear instructions on how matters are to be dealt with. Where there is no Will the procedure for winding up an Estate can be more lengthy and on many occasions incur the additional of expense of purchasing a Bond of Caution. Frazer Coogans, Solicitors, offer a professional, dedicated and sympathetic service which includes preparation of Wills and Codicils, obtaining Confirmation and administration of estates, appointment of Executries, preparation of Deed of Variation

Powers of Attorney

With the continuing increase in life expectancy more and more people are realising the advantages of having an effective Power of Attorney put in place whereby anyone who may become temporarily incapacitated or require long term assistance can have a trusted family member or friend step in and take full responsibility for finances and care arrangements for as long as might be necessary. A Power of Attorney can be put in place but need not be activated until it is required. Banks, Pension Authorities and Financial Institutions will insist on seeing a valid Power of Attorney before they will allow an account to be operated by anyone other than the account holder regardless of the circumstances It can be very inconvenient and costly if some forethought is not given and the alternative would be the appointment of a Financial Guardian through the Courts where the process can be both long and expensive.

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Wills & Executries

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