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Ayr lawyer Angus Logan goes on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine
programme to defend genuine accident and injury claims

News release: 28 February 2004.

AN Ayr lawyer has appeared on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine programme to defend the so-called “compensation culture” in this country.

Accident and injury specialist Angus Logan of Ayr-based solicitors Frazer Coogans pointed out that victims of serious accident and injury often needed financial help to achieve complete recovery and to return to the quality of life they had enjoyed previously.

Angus also pointed out the benefits that we all enjoy as a result of health and safety improvements introduced in the workplace in recent years, often only as a result of successful accident and injury court claims in the past.

He agreed that the courts were no place for vexatious and spurious claims, and advised listeners who thought that they might have genuine grounds for bringing a case to consult an experienced solicitor accredited by the Law Society in the accident and injury field, who would be able to give informed advice about the merits of the case in question.

Angus Logan’s contribution, together with the rest of the Jeremy Vine programme, can be heard on the BBC website by logging on to and click on the “LISTEN AGAIN TO THIS SHOW” panel in the centre of the screen. There is a “Skip forward 5 minutes” facility to enable you to get to the relevant part of the programme quickly.

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