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by Angus Logan

Ayr solicitor Angus Logan is the Scottish Secretary of the Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL), and will be flying to Budapest next week for its Annual Conference and General Meeting, which takes place on 4/5 June.

Expected to be the biggest ever PEOPIL event to date, the conference will be discussing topics including the impact of European law on personal injury cases, the latest developments in EU law, and the role of the European courts in personal injury legislation.

But for Angus Logan, one of the most important aspects of the conference is that it disproves the common misconception that the UK is fast adopting a US-style get-rich-quick compensation culture.

Angus said: “This conference proves that lawyers, not just here in Britain, but in every country in the recently expanded European Union, is intent upon ensuring that those people who through no fault of their own suffer injury or loss as a result of the negligence of a third party receive full and adequate compensation.

“Different countries have different legal systems in place to deal with the problem. Here in Scotland, for instance, it is necessary for the victim to prove blame on the part of somebody else in order to receive compensation, whereas this is not so much the case in (say) France, Scandinavia or New Zealand.

“And no accredited accident and injury solicitor would have any truck with the legal system being clogged up with trivial and vexatious claims.

“But what we all agree is that victims of accident or injury should never be allowed to suffer unnecessary hardship as a result, but instead the law should ensure that they receive proper recompense from whomever contributed towards their loss.”

Angus Logan is director of, a division of Ayr-based solicitors Frazer Coogans. was set up in 1998 by Frazer Coogans senior director Norman Geddes.

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